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Scream Queens – The Musical

Book, Music & Lyrics by Scott Martin

What’s It All About
“They sing – they dance – they die!” Six voluptuous B-movie “Scream Queens” hope to revive their fading acting careers by presenting a hilarious musical revue for their fans at a science fiction and horror movie convention.

Why You Should Do This Play
Perfect for the Halloween season, this fun-filled family-friendly spoof can sellout any time of the year. It’s a behind-the-scenes celebration of the sexy sirens who star in popular low-budget films and videos while being chased by your favorite zombies, vampires, werewolves, creatures and other assorted monsters. It gives your triple-threat actresses a rare opportunity to be loud and brassy, sweet and seductive, hysterical and silly all within a high-energy 90-minute musical show. Also, it’s an ideal commercial tie-in to the new FOX TV series “Scream Queens,” created by Ryan Murphy (“Glee,” “American Horror Story”), due this Fall (2015).

The Particulars
The six characters are between the ages of 28 and 60+, but Scream Queens has had successful productions by various high school, college and community theatre groups. The simple set is a corner of a Holiday Inn-type conference room. Horror-themed costumes, props and set dressing can be as elaborate or simple as your budget and imagination will allow. Music is scored for piano or 4-piece combo. An accompaniment CD is also available. And your viral video experts get to create 20 minutes of original montages, clips and highlights from the Queens’ movies which are front-or-rear projected onstage or on a wide-screen TV monitor.

Need To Know
The horror/fantasy/sci-fi genre is being playfully spoofed. The scary elements of these films are sung and joked about, but there’s no excessive sex, nudity, visual violence or gore — unless you tailor your production for a more mature audience.

Production History
Scream Queens has had three productions in the Los Angeles area after readings at the ASCAP/Disney Studios Musical Theatre Workshop with Stephen Schwartz and the STAGES Festival in Chicago. Full productions have been done across the country, including New Orleans, Cleveland, Phoenix, Richmond, Williamsburg, Syracuse, as well as Dunville (Ontario), Canada, and Devonsport, Tasmania !

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