Samuel French is tackling a new endeavor to help Make Theatre Happen — fundraising!

Samuel French’s newly released Special Editions are combatting the two most dreaded words in schools — budget cuts. Words that usually send arts teachers running to seek shelter when they are said in the same sentence.

Under the strain of cuts to educational spending, many schools are finding it difficult to keep their arts programs intact. Elementary schools have been stripped of music lessons and theater and dance programs are quickly disappearing from junior highs and middle schools as well. I seemed to have slipped just under the radar—I was lucky enough to have music lessons twice a week during elementary school and was in drama during junior high school. Unfortunately, the year I left each of these schools both programs were cut. This story is, regrettably, all too common.

This ongoing battle to sustain arts education has called teachers to action. Successful arts programs are now taking matters into their own hands.

Or shall we say FUN-draising?

Arts teachers across America are getting creative and using their student’s talents to buoy the needs of their program despite the tight budgets provided for them from the public school system.

To support these struggling institutions, Samuel French has joined the fight and launched a brand new fundraising opportunity for their customers.

Samuel French’s Special Editions are customized scripts that are specific to each and every production across America. Teachers and directors can now submit their cast lists, production photos, crew and orchestra member, and special thanks to be printed alongside the Broadway cast in each script. These customized copies are wonderful keepsakes, but more importantly they are successful fundraising tools.

Plenty of schools have undertaken fundraisers, selling chocolate or coupon books, but Special Editions makes fundraising a personalized endeavor. Kim Rogers, Sales and Licensing Associate at Samuel French, said “Fundraising with Samuel French Special Editions is so exciting because it is a fundraising item that breaks the mold by being tailored specifically to the theatrical experience. There’s nothing humdrum about a product that lets your creativity shine through. It empowers students and families to build their own script library while celebrating cherished memories.”

What’s more, the scripts are not only personalized with all of the actors and crew members’ names, but the autograph section in the back of each book allows them to carry the messages and memories of beloved friends and cast and crew members. With the names and pictures of their friends, family, and neighbors in each script, everyone will want one!

These scripts can be sold in lobbies, at school, or around the community—even purchased in advance like Girl Scout cookies—to raise money for theater departments and production companies. At $9.99, each book can make as much as $10 profit if sold for $20! With a profit margin that large, a goal of $1,000 is easily attained by selling just 100 copies.

Marketing Manager, Katy DiSavino, told us, “Samuel French is excited to be finding more ways to help our theater makers do what they do best. Special Editions are just our first step into creating fundraising items.” After introducing Special Editions to teachers in Texas and hearing seeing their reactions she said, “We’re very excited about the response that we’ve received. We look forward to receiving feedback from theaters about this fundraising item and continue to help them Make Theatre Happen.”

To accompany the Special Editions, Samuel French is also creating a complimentary Marketing Suite to help schools and theaters maximize their sales and achieve all of their fundraising goals. The package includes flyers that can be hung in schools and around the community, program inserts to attract nightly audience members to the merchandise table at each performance, a pre-sales form for taking orders in advance, a lobby sales guide, and a sales tip sheet that provides ideas about how to increase community awareness for the fundraiser. With this entire system in place, fundraising has never been so personal and easy.

With all these tools at their disposal, together Samuel French and theaters across the country should be able to slay budget cuts and all financial burdens! Let’s get out there, fundraise, and Make Theatre Happen!

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