Hello, world. It’s your girl, Angela! I’m the marketing intern here at Samuel French and my semester is coming to a close. I thought it would be fun to take you through my typical day as an intern, so I took over the Sam French Instagram and Twitter accounts last Wednesday, May 4th. Below is a recap of the randomness and theatre obsession that ensued.


1 First Selfie

The day starts with a healthy dose of show tunes and iced coffee for my trip to the office. I’d rather not try to figure out how much my Starbucks consumption has increased this semester, so instead I’ll just be grateful for my coffee aka the lifeblood of a college student and intern. #obsessed

2 Me and Katherine

Now that I’m settled in at my desk, I can’t forget to say hello to my neighbor and fellow intern, Katherine! Fun Fact: we both attend Fordham University and have bonded so much over both school and work. #GoRams #BabyFrenchies

3 Bookshelf

I get to go over to my favorite spot in the office to pick out a #SamFrenchSelfie prize. And just like Belle in her favorite bookshop, I am always overwhelmed by the seemingly endless supply of scripts here! There’s always a new play to discover. #CallMeBelle #ModernDayPrincess

4 Chalkboard

One of the many awesome community builders here at Samuel French is the monthly chalkboard question! Who inspires Katherine to bloom? The Fun Home visionary and office fave, Alison Bechdel. #ChalkboardofLove #Inspiration

5 Lunch

Even during lunch, the play reading never ends. #WeCantStop

6 Desk

My desktop essentials. This card I got when I first started continues to make me smile and motivate me every single day. #ILoveMyFellowFrenchies

7 Finale

Just sharing a laugh with the best supervisor ever to end the day. While I’m sad to be leaving, I am so grateful for everyone who made this a truly unforgettable semester.
Photo creds: the one and only Elizabeth Minski #blessed

I hope you all enjoyed this glimpse into my time as an intern. These past few months have been so exciting, memorable and challenging. I feel that I have grown so much as a professional as well as an individual who’s passionate about theatre and the performing arts. I certainly have been inspired to make theatre happen in any way I can throughout my life. If there are any students out there looking for internships in the future, Samuel French is definitely the way to go!

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