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Toshiki Okada, Translation by Aya Ogaka

What’s It All About
In a Manga café in Tokyo, a group of 20 and 30 something employees muse over the direction (or lack of direction) their lives have taken. Told in Okada’s signature “hyper-colloquial” style, Enjoy offers rich, humors monologues in direct address to the audience. It’s a trip.

Why You Should Do This Play
Enjoy plays like a hipster interpretation of Beckett; it’s muscular, heady, confusing, and comical, and in that, it’s a bit of a dissection of Millennial ennui.  Emotions are honest and characters are painstakingly real, resulting in a powerful, unique play with its lasting effect being more atmospheric than plot-centric. Adventurous, intelligent directors are required. Lovers of innovative theatre will appreciate the progressive theatricality of the script, penned by one of Japan’s foremost theatrical thinkers.  

The Particulars
The New York premiere was done on a nearly bare stage, though there’s great opportunity for design.  Okada’s own company, chelfitsch, is renowned for his choreography, so there’s also opportunity for movement and play. The cast features six males and four females all in their 20’s and 30’s, so there’s ripe material for colleges and young, hip theatre companies.

Need To Know
As most the play is constructed of monologues, there’s amazing audition material here.

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