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The OOB Festival in motion

The 39th annual Samuel French Off-Off Broadway festival has ended, leaving in its wake memories of Hamloaf, remembrances of singing heads, fond recollections of flatulence, and one amazing anthology of short plays! While everyone else was busy being creative superstars, fellow intern Myers Rhoad ......
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The Samuel French Podcast: Interview with Stephen Dolginoff

  In our first ever Samuel French podcast, we talk to Stephen Dolginoff, the composer, lyricist and book writer of Thrill Me. Thrill Me is available to license now. Visit our website or call our licensing team 020 7255 4301 to find out how you can perform it. Notes Find Stephen on Twitter @sdolginoff Click here for more information on Thrill Me at…Read more The Samuel French Podcast: Interview with Stephen Dolginoff...
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7 First World War plays you might not know

100 years ago to the day, the first shots of the Great War were being fired. As we mark the anniversary, productions of Journey’s End and Oh, What a Lovely War! are being staged around the world. Accute and evocative as those pieces are, it sometimes seems surprising that there aren’t more great plays about an event that reshaped the 20th century and…Read more 7 First World War plays you might not know...